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Option Agreement Specialists are as the name suggests, experts in option agreements, typically for property development opportunities. An option agreement is a mechanism used to benefit both the land or property owner in addition to the property developer on a largely reduced risk basis. Planning permission is a minefield and knowing what will be approved or rejected is unknown until you have ventured down those routes.


Obtaining planning permission requires investment into developers, architects, estate agents, land agents, planning submissions, revisions to drawings, resubmission to planning, negotiation and then eventually hopefully planning permission approval, however this is certainly not guaranteed.

The entire process to obtain planning permission is time consuming and costly. There is no fixed fee in terms of this process, however, it can often cost £10,000 to £50,000.

Once the money has been spent and the planning permission has been rejected, the money spent to date has gone and re-application consumes further cost.


Even if planning permission is granted, what is approved might not be commercially viable to build out, due to potential costs, limitations, expectations or local fees payable. Consequently, even a green light might not be what is needed to make the process worthwhile.

Subsequently, many land or homeowners work with property developers or speculative investors on an option agreement basis in an attempt to obtain planning permission worthwhile to other investors or and eventually, property developers.

By working with a partner on an option agreement basis, you as the land owner or property owner, can benefit from an agreed sum if planning is approved and the developer or investor wishes to continue, at no cost to you. 

Furthermore, property developers or investors typically pay a fee to open the option agreement with you from the outset in addition to a much greater sum when and if successful if planning permission is granted and the property developer or investor wishes to proceed further with the opportunity. 

The alternative is that you as the homeowner or land owner spend out £10,000 to £50,000 speculatively in hope of a commercially viable project.

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  • You can benefit from an agreed sum if planning is approved

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