About Us

Option Agreement Specialists are experts in option agreements on property, land, commercial, residential, industrial and combination of usage properties.

Option Agreement Specialists was founded to provide a solution as a gateway to developers and investors who want to work with land and homeowners through an option agreement basis.

Likewise, Option Agreement Specialists have a large portfolio of developers and investors who are constantly on the lookout for development opportunities through the utilisation of an option agreement.

It was through those merits and demands that Option Agreement Specialists was founded to help and support all parties through what can be for many, a new experience and process, to make it as easy, comfortable and profitable a process as possible.

If you are a land owner or homeowner with the belief that your land or property could be developed, extended, rebuilt, expanded upon or improved vastly with commercial potential viability, then get in touch.

If you are a property developer or investor and want to be connected with land owners and homeowners who want to work with you, then get in contact with Option Agreement Specialists.